Frequently Asked Questions


Please read these FAQs before emailing me. Thank you!


How do I book an appointment with you?

I take appointment requests via submission form during open booking periods. Open booking periods will be announced on Instagram with instructions on how to request an appointment. I am not able to accept (or respond to) every project request received. Successful applicants will be contacted via email to set up an appointment.

What are your rates?

Palm-hand sized projects generally fall in the $300-$600 range. Larger work is priced hourly at a rate of $200/hr. Providing price estimates is difficult because prices vary depending on the complexity of the subject matter, but I am able to provide a rough estimate once I know more about what you’ll be getting tattooed, the placement, etc.

What form(s) of payment do you accept?

Black Oak Tattoo is cash only.

Do you have a waitlist/cancellation list?

I do not have a waitlist or cancellation list of any kind. Last minute availabilities will be offered on Instagram. Each post will have specific instructions on how to book the cancellation spot.

When will you guest in NY/La/PDX/ETC, ETC?

I post all of my travel/guest spot information to Instagram.

Where can I view your flash designs?

I do not currently have a way to share flash designs online. Flash designs are intended to be chosen in person on the day of your flash appointment.

Do you tattoo designs more than once?

Unless otherwise noted, all designs are only tattooed once.

Can I take one of your designs to be tattooed by another artist?

Please do not. You'll get a better tattoo if you trust the person tattooing it to design it themselves.

Do you accept commissions?

Unfortunately, I cannot currently accept commission work.

Do you ever tattoo in color?

No, I solely tattoo in black ink.

Can I have your cats?

Heck no.